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Phone: (732) 542-1011, ext.17


Thomas Benoit | President


Tom Benoit has a solid knowledge of hospitals gleaned from a graduate degree in Hospital Administration and 18 years of administrative experience including positions such as a COO and CEO of community hospitals.

For over two decades, he has assisted healthcare organizations to become more efficient by attracting leaders who drive improvements in quality, customer satisfaction, and financial performance.


"I feel that nursing is the backbone of a hospital and healthcare organization. At ATA, we try to find leaders who inspire the staff to be at the forefront of innovative ways to collaborate with physicians in bringing the highest quality and a satisfying experience to patients, while being cost effective."


"Moreover, in order to thrive, hospitals must first survive. Essentials are good financial executives who maximize reimbursement, negotiate favorable contracts, maintain internal controls, and ensure that the organization has timely financial/clinical information to make strategic decisions. In collaboration with finance, nursing and other clinicians, the information management staff, starting with the CIO, must ensure that the right information is captured for optimal patient care."


Hospitals/healthcare organizations who benefit from our services usually know they will have a vacancy, and they want to complete a successful recruitment strategy when time, cost, and retention are major considerations.

Specialty areas for Mr. Benoit include:

Financial healthcare executives
Nursing Leaders (CNO, Directors, Nurse Managers)
Information Management Leaders
Departmental Leaders (Directors LAB, Radiology, etc.)
Physicians and Medical Directors
Leaders in Home Care, Hospice, Long Term Care



Phone: (732) 542-1011, ext.15


Linda M. Forrest  |  Vice-President


Ms. Forrest has been recruiting at the executive level in healthcare for over 20 years. She is presently responsible for several areas including the Vice President and Director levels in nursing as well as Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and management positions. Her other specialty areas include pharmaceutical search, finance, executive management, foundation, education, rehabilitation, home care, long term care, managed care and technical positions.

Prior to joining Allen Thomas Associates, Inc., Ms. Forrest was the co-founder and Assistant Director of a non-profit foundation and she has also held positions in the marketing and insurance fields. Ms. Forrest holds a Bachelor's Degree from St. Joseph's College in Rensselaer, Indiana.

Linda Forrest has also served on several committees and boards. Ms. Forrest also serves as a guest lecturer on current topics in career advancement and healthcare management.



Phone: (732) 542-1011, ext.13


Dee Galluccio |  Manager, Recruitment


Ms. Galluccio has been in the health care recruitment field for nearly twenty years. She is presently responsible for the recruitment of all levels of nursing as well as management information systems, pharmaceutical, finance, home care and executive management positions. Prior to joining Allen Thomas Associates, Inc., Ms. Galluccio specialized in recruiting and human resource functions for a major home care organization in New Jersey.

Ms. Galluccio was involved in various aspects of human resources which included recruiting, interviewing, analyzing staffing needs, career counseling and employee relations. Her employment history has highlighted her ability to communicate effectively with all levels of management and to successfully meet the challenges of executive search and enhance the careers of others.


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