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Client Services 

We Listen, to Understand

When you select Allen Thomas Associates, you can feel confident that we will use our knowledge of the healthcare field to understand your organization's:


  • culture

  • today's challenges

  • key performance indicators for the position

  • vision for the future


before we commence a search.

When You Are a Client of Allen Thomas, You Can Expect:

Our Commitment to Get to Know Your Organization

We will review position descriptions, mission statements, and specific performance goals, and will offer suggestions if appropriate.


The Best Candidates

We will refer the most qualified candidates who meet your specific requirements. We identify potential candidates utilizing:

  • Our vast network of experts, developed over years of building relationships

  • Our extensive database of candidates and contacts

  • Our highly effective research tools, refined over years of executive recruitment


Then, we conduct screening interviews and check references, in order to determine if a candidate is a good fit for your organization.

Personal Involvement Throughout the Process


A senior level consultant from Allen Thomas will:


  • Schedule candidates

  • Organize travel plans

  • Prepare and debrief candidates

  • Foster feedback

  • Assist with negotiations

  • Stay involved through the appointee's probationary period to ensure a smooth transition




We guarantee that you will be satisfied wiith your appointee. Our retention rate is 98%, and we guarantee our work.

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